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Extra Ordinary


OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, September 13th, 6-9pm 

Extra Ordinary is a group exhibition highlighting the complexity of objects in relationship to memory, ritual, identity and the physical body. The work presented throughout the exhibition ranges in medium including installation, video, sculpture, performance and photography. 

Extra Ordinary creates an opportunity for viewers to reconsider their frequent interactions with the daily objects around them. This includes acknowledging the participation in their purchase of beauty and other consumer products to recognizing their vast browser and data history over just a single year period among other activities. 

Objects are also innately and intimately tied to identity. Many of the exhibiting artists work hint at the misconstruction of identity through either branded objects or objects that have the ability to contain or hold the body. Additionally, some of the artists question, what are the implications when objects become lost or are temporary? Can they still act as a physical vessel for memory? 

From a range of varying perspectives, exhibiting artists each address the relationship to the body in their work. Specifically, the photographic work on view emphasizes vantage points on how the body exists in space, as well as the remnant of objects that can be left behind on the body. In totality, this exhibition creates new connections for how we move through the world, choosing certain objects to carry with us, and how visible we allow these objects to be in our life and daily rituals.

Extra Ordinary was juried by Samantha Reynolds, Art Programs Director, Root Division

Exhibiting Artists:

Katie Curry, Kathryn Gardner Porter 

and Haley Toyama (SFAI)

Mason Hershenow (SJSU)

Mallory Kimmel (CCA)

Natasha Loewy (SFSU)

Harlee Mollenkopf (Mills)

Beril Or (SFSU)

Efe Ozman (CCA)

Sherwin Rio (SFAI)

Stuart Robertson (Stanford)

Shirin May Towfiq (Stanford)

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