An obsession with innovation pervades our contemporary environment. Is this reverence towards progress positive, or are there malignant implications? Technophilia explores how rapid technological advancements affect not only art practices, but ourselves, relationships and environment. 

Our esteemed jurors Amy Cancelmo (Root Division), Kerri Hurtado (Artsource Consulting) and Megan McConnell (Anthony Meier Fine Arts) selected artworks of all media that utilize technology in new and unexpected ways, and that respond to the technological shift in culture so prevalent in the Bay Area.

Artists in this exhibition include: Paulina Berczynski (CCA), Irene Chou (CCA), Cy Keener (Stanford), J Kung Dreyfus (CCA), Heather Murphy (CCA), Christopher Nickel (Stanford), and Randy Sarafan (SFSU).