Angela Willets. Still from  Reclining Nude #2 , 2015. Video/performance.

Angela Willets. Still from Reclining Nude #2, 2015. Video/performance.

This Is Not a Painting

09.04.15 - 10.10.15

Painting is king. Painting is dead. We’ve heard it all before. This exhibit aims to showcase radical painting practices that challenge contemporary discourse surrounding the medium. Our call asked for artworks that push boundaries, shatter expectations and expand the definition of painting as we understand it today.

The title This Is Not A Painting refers to Magritte’s famous work Treachery of Images in which the words “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” appear under a picture of a pipe. This self-referential acknowledgement of the limitations of language was the inspiration for our show. These eight artists understand the various limitations of painting, and their work acknowledges an uneasy tension between the medium of painting and their creative visions. The works in this exhibition both are and are not paintings.

Our esteemed jurors Amy Cancelmo, Director of Events and Exhibitions at Root Division, Kerri Hurtado, Curator at Artsource Consulting, and Megan McConnell, Director at Anthony Meier Fine Arts blindly selected an all-female show that questions the canon and offers new perspectives on an old theme.


Nicole Aponte | CCA

Megan Armstrong | SFAI

Kathryn Gentzke | CCA

Danielle Genzel | CCA

Rebecca Hall | CCA

Marcela Pardo Ariza | SFAI

Miranda Robbins | Mills

Angela Willets | UC Davis