Accepted Artists | Summer 2016 Call

We are thrilled to announce the artists who will exhibit in our next three shows. Thank you to everyone who applied, to Fort Mason Center, and to our jurorsJulie Casemore (Casemore Kirkeby), Allie Haeusslein (Pier 24 Photography) and artist and writer Avram Finkelstein.


1. Humor Us

Opening Reception: September 9, 2016 | 5-9 pm

This exhibition is curated by Tanya Gayer (CCA), whose proposal was selected in Embark's last call for curatorial proposals.

France Viana.   Hillari-ous,  2016

France Viana. Hillari-ous, 2016

Philosopher John Morreall famously defined humor as amusement that takes pleasure in a cognitive shift. The opening of this show presents a timely connection with the presidential elections, begging the question: How might emerging artists convey religious and racial discrimination, or a crippling economy, or housing costs through humor?


Douglas Angulo | SFAI

Nathan Becka | CCA

Boris Scherbakov | Mills

Kaitlin Trataris | SFAI

France Viana | Mills

Hui Meng Wang | SFAI

Jin Zhu | UC Berkeley

2.  #simulacra

Opening Reception: November 4th, 2016 | 5-9 pm

This exhibition was juried by Julie Casemore and Allie Haeusslein.

Qian Zhao.  O ffcut, the Edge,  2014-16. 

Qian Zhao.  Offcut, the Edge, 2014-16. 

We live in a visual culture in which it is increasingly easy to participate. Images are all-important, and are no longer mererepresentations of truth. This photography show is an exploration of reality vs model, signs, place, and memory.v

If no one Instagrams it...did it ever really happen?


Mike Cole | UC Davis

Shaghayegh Cyrous | CCA

Shisi Huang | SFAI

Jacqueline Sherlock Norheim | Mills

Tamara Porras | CCA

Marcela Pardo Ariza | SFAI

Qian Zhao | CCA

3.  Get Lost

Opening Reception: January 27, 2017 | 5-9 pm

This exhibition was juried by Avram Finkelstein

Simón  Garcia-Miñaur.  Welcome to Introduction to Fractal Sex , 2015, HD video, single channel

Simón Garcia-Miñaur. Welcome to Introduction to Fractal Sex, 2015, HD video, single channel


Inspired by philosopher Herbert Marcuse's notion of "the great refusal," Get Lost showcases contemporary takes on queer identity politics.

By challenging the representational imagery that queer art is perhaps best known for, these artists present a new understanding of the self through displacement and absence, suggesting that queer activism in the digital age may take more nuanced forms of expression.


Simón Garcia-Miñaur | SFAI

Izidora Leber | SFAI

Richard-Jonathan Nelson | CCA

Courtney Trouble | CCA