Accepted Artists

We are thrilled to announce the artists who will exhibit in our next three shows. Thank you to everyone who applied, to Fort Mason Center, and to our jurors: Amy Cancelmo, Director of Events and Exhibitions at Root Division, Kerri Hurtado, Curator at Artsource Consulting, and Megan McConnell, Director at Anthony Meier Fine Arts

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This Is Not a Painting

Opening Reception: Friday 9/4, 6-9pm

Nicole Aponte, CCA

Megan Armstrong, SFAI

Kathryn Gentzke, CCA

Danielle Genzel, CCA

Rebecca Hall, CCA

Marcela Pardo Ariza, SFAI

Miranda Robbins, Mills

Angela Willetts, UC Davis

Angela Willets. Still from  Reclining Nude #2 , 2015. Video/performance.

Angela Willets. Still from Reclining Nude #2, 2015. Video/performance.


Opening Reception: Friday 10/23, 6-9pm

Paulina Berczynski, CCA

Irene Chou, CCA

Cy Keener, Stanford

J Kung Dreyfus, CCA

Heather Murphy, CCA

Christopher Nickel, Stanford

Randy Sarafan, SFSU

Paulina Berczynski.  Consider the Difference , 2015. Hand-woven on a digital loom. Cotton.

Paulina Berczynski. Consider the Difference, 2015. Hand-woven on a digital loom. Cotton.


Opening Reception: 2/5/16, 6-9pm

Elizabeth Bennett, Mills

Sarah Chan, UC Davis

Alice Combs, SFAI

Lynn Dau, SJSU

Ashley Valmere Fischer, Stanford

Garth Fry, CCA

Luis Pinto, CCA

Garth Fry.  Ornamental Struggle , 2015. Reclaimed wood, staples, screws.  

Garth Fry. Ornamental Struggle, 2015. Reclaimed wood, staples, screws.  

Congratulations from the staff at Embark!