Technophilia Artist Talks

Embark Gallery is proud to announce this schedule of lectures by participating artists in our current exhibition Technophilia:

Chistopher Nickel: Songlines

10.31.15 @ 2pm
In this presentation, Christopher Nickel will use his photographs of fiber-optic cables as a starting point to discuss contemporary information and communications networks as a physical entity. Through a brief telling of the history and present of these networks, Christopher will describe how he hopes his on-going project can begin to address the relationship between the physical and the virtual worlds, and hint at the symbolic potential within our contemporary culture of the sites and structures that constitute these networks.

Heather Murphy: The Meaning of Searching, or, Searching for Meaning

11.7.15 @ 2pm

New media artist Heather Murphy discusses her most recent project, and how it relates to our never-ending online search for love, jobs, and housing. Expect memes, gifs, pop culture references, plenty of screenshots, and a sprinkle of art theory to come into play as Murphy explains her thoughts on how the internet has changed both what we want, and how we get it.

Irene Chou: Static Bodies

11.14.15 @ 2pm

My intention in Static Bodies is to provide an alternative perspective on what it means to be connected in the digital age. As far back as my memory goes, sound is a phenomenon to which I have been deeply drawn. The most powerful thing about sound is how it awakens us to the intelligence of our bodies, to our abilities to simply feel. Through my work, I too strive to connect with people on that emotional level: to create things that are first felt - and then perhaps understood. Static Bodies is a sound piece which cannot be heard unless both participants are physically touching.