Visions from the Pit


Are you anxious about the end of times? Is death in your future, but you just can't spare the time out of your busy schedule to plan accordingly? Or does reading the news make the world feel like an endless string of apocalypses?

Visions from the Pit, are performative vignettes on chaos, the monstrous, and the apocalypse, that allow Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, in collaboration with Gabriel Christian, to calm your existential nerves with the news that the world has always been falling apart. With both gravity and humor, Bhutto and Christian present queer strategies for living and dying in the Anthropocene in this one-hour performance.

Bhutto and Christian explore through sound and movement the effect of state sanctioned violence on the bodies it finds threatening. To imagine a single apocalypse at the end of our days is a privilege reserved for the cloistered, when there are those who live many apocalypses. With each one, we must stand back and confront each trauma moment by moment.