Connie Woo. Market, 2017. Video.

Connie Woo. Market, 2017. Video.



02/03/18 - 03/10/18

The term “THIS MESSAGE HAS NO CONTENT” originates from an error message in an email preview when the Mail App on iPhone and iPad devices does not fully download a message or when the message only contains an image with no text. Digitally mediated communication has come to dictate the interpersonal space of our present. It is also often how we present ourselves to others. From the narcissism of the selfie to the intimacy fabricated through Skype, Facebook, and Craigslist, to the manipulated language used to define our sense of reality of the world and ourselves, this exhibition seeks to explore the insatiable consumption, marketing-centric representation, and vapidly fragmented social interaction of contemporary culture.

Participating Artists:  Dave Beeman // CCA, Lizzy Blasingame // SF State, Kira Dominguez // CCA, T2R/Laura Gilmore // CCA, Izidora LETHE // SFAI, Ryan Meyer // UC Davis, tamara suarez porras // CCA, Connie Woo // SFAI and Tomy Chuhe Yan // SFAI