2017_11 - Embark This is a Test_Medium_01.jpg

This Is A Test 


Every Tuesday at noon the test of the emergency broadcast system echoes over San Francisco “This is a test. This is only a test.” Both ominous in a dystopian sense and reassuring in it’s reliable repetition, the siren and accompanying voice have become an emblem for this show, in which four emerging artists present experimental works that try and try again. As the original Dadaists turned to absurdity to protest the politics of their time, these artists trouble contemporary systems of logic through trial-and-error artmaking, ultimately presenting new possibilities for the “purpose” of art, and all the while documenting the process.


Megmeng Lu | SFAI

Judit Navratil | CCA

Oberon Strong | SF State

Cristina Velazquez | SFAI