For the 2017 Startup Art Fair is San Francisco Embark worked with two emerging artists, Carolina Magis Weinberg and tamara suarez porras, to present unique performative pieces. 

Carolina Magis Weinberg

The Air Within

This project consists of a materialized relocation of air: from inside the artist's lungs into the multiple soft plastic earths, themselves contained in a swimming pool full of water. Air, earth, water, all holding up, all transferring from body to body. This will be an evolving installation, where 76 globes will be slowly inflated and thrown into the pool. The performance will begin at 12pm on Friday, April 28th and will finish when the transferal of air into all the globes is complete. 

tamara suarez porras

Seven of Swords (Reversed)

Seven of Swords, Reversed is a collaborative performance with Tamara Suarez Porras. Participants experience a one-on-one tarot reading with the artist, an exchange that develops intimacy and empathy between them both. The reading concludes with a photographic portrait, photographed by the artist, another exchange and documentation of the shared experience.