Our next round of opportunities is currently CLOSED.

Embark's open calls are directed towards the graduate students and recently graduated masters students from the below local institutions: California College of the Arts, Mills College, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco State University, San Jose University, Stanford University, UC Berkeley and UC Davis. 

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*Free Juried Shows for Current MFA Students* 

This Message Has No Content

February 3rd-March 10th

The term “THIS MESSAGE HAS NO CONTENT” originates from an error message in an email preview when the Mail App on iPhone and iPad devices does not fully download a message or when the message only contains an image with no text. Digitally mediated communication has come to dictate the interpersonal space of our present. It is also often how we present ourselves to others. This exhibition seeks to explore the insatiable consumption, marketing-centric representation, and vapidly fragmented social interaction of contemporary culture. We are looking for works that reflect on the realm of the social in the digital age. Notions of identity and representation, beauty and normativity in contemporary culture, and experiences of intimacy are just some of topics this show seeks to address. This is about more than presenting anecdotes of social message transmission. It is intended to be a critical look at how communication is sent and received given the digital platforms of cultural consumption in our present.

Mandatory Dates for Accepted Artists:

Artwork Drop Off: Saturday January 27th, 12-4pm

Opening Reception: Friday February 2nd, 6-9pm

Artwork Pick Up: Sunday March 11th, 12-5pm


Rule No Rule

March 24th-April 28th

The West Coast art scene is famous for breaking, and re-making, the rules. The same way that the advent of abstraction disrupted numerous art traditions, interdisciplinary art making crosses the expected boundaries of each medium.

For this show we are seeking artworks that embody the freedom and fluidity achieved by the interdisciplinary nature of our local art institutions, and will focus primarily on abstraction. Work should somehow celebrate the pleasure of the freedom of abstraction (in one’s art practice) as this exhibition aims to showcase joyously uninhibited work from the “Wild West.” Possible considerations are the ethos of lawlessness, undiscovered territories, innovation through color and form, or blurring the lines between different media via an interdisciplinary approach. Any and all artworks will be considered, including performance.

Mandatory Dates for Accepted Artists:

Artwork Drop Off: Sunday March 18th, 12-4pm

Opening Reception: Friday March 23rd, 6-9pm

Artwork Pick Up: Sunday Aril 29th, 12-5pm