Detail of "Lord Willing," 2014 .    Part of series entitled "Vestige" by   Megan Chunn, CCA.

Detail of "Lord Willing," 2014 .  Part of series entitled "Vestige" by Megan Chunn, CCA.


06.12.15 - 07.25.15

Perception highlights the diverse possibilities of a specific medium, in this case performance and installation. Due to the nature of these practices, they are often not as commercially viable. Embark aims to highlight artists who may otherwise find it difficult to exhibit, and to show the community some of the exciting work that happens at local graduate schools in the realms of performance and installation. For Perception, Embark sought work that explores the relationship between environment and self- the myriad of ways in which they are produced, and how shifts in one might change the other.

Artists: Megan Chunn | CCA

Olivia Poppy Coles | CCA

Isaac Lewin | San Jose State

Malena Lopez-Maggi | Mills

Minoosh Zomorodinia | SFAI