Inspired by the recent rapid economic changes in San Francisco, Hi/Lo is a group show at Embark Gallery that challenges extant systems of value and exposes the fallacies in that which we choose to give importance. Exhibiting artists attend various graduate programs in the greater Bay Area.

Our esteemed jurors Amy Cancelmo (Root Division), Kerri Hurtado (Artsource Consulting), and Megan McConnell (Anthony Meier Fine Arts) selected artworks that question divisions between public and private space, address housing politics and displacement, and rethink the various products and consequences of contemporary capitalism.

Ashley Valmere Fischer chronicles an intentional living community in France, while Alice Combs’ work laments the loss of artist-run spaces in San Francisco. Garth Fry utilizes discarded materials in his sculptural work, while Lynn Dau erects a towering totem of domestic goods. Sarah Chan also explores the domestic, questioning it’s true value with a video projection that enacts a strange memory, constructed from objects she found on the street. Luis Pinto takes refuse as inspiration in his extraordinarily detailed pencil drawings. Elizabeth Bennett’s parking signs address the hierarchies that exist in even the most mundane environment, and present visitors a choice as to what kind of space they will occupy.


Elizabeth Bennett | Mills

Sarah Chan | UC Davis

Alice Combs | SFAI

Lynn Dau | SJSU

Ashley Fischer | Stanford

Garth Fry | CCA

Luis Pinto | CCA