In a partnership with the CCSF Office of Continuing Education at Fort Mason Center for the Arts and Culture, Embark Arts will offer a two-week intensive course taught by current and recently graduated students from graduate programs in the San Francisco Bay Area. The program will provide students ages 12 to 16 with a safe and dynamic environment to create art in, encouraging experimentation and play. The classes will include a range of distinct materials and conceptual focuses developed by the artists, derived from their creative practices, and inspired by themes and conversations relevant to students at the middle and high school level. Classes will be held in the CCSF classrooms and will culminate in a pop-up show held at Embark Gallery -- providing the students with professional development in the best practices for curation, installation, and exhibitions to give a complete picture of the working artist experience.

Embark Arts aims to foster a conducive environment for creativity, critical thinking, and inquiry. These classes will provide students with a unique experience of working with an emerging Bay Area artist, as well as address concerns of the city and community, historical or contemporary art, and a variety of concepts and materials.

Program Dates: June 12 - 23, 2017

Mixed-Media Studio: Drawing and Painting TechniquesBecca Hall

Glitter, salt, confetti, dirt and even paint! This mixed-media drawing and painting class will play, experiment, and innovate with synthetic and natural materials while considering the human impact on the earth’s ecosystems. Through a series of projects and explorations around the Fort Mason campus, students will learn through trial and error and experiments to uncover the natural properties of common, everyday materials and create unique works of art. In the process, they will cover the basics of form, composition, and color theory and gain a foundational understanding of the process and science behind art materials.

Clay Inventions: Building in 3-DMatt Goldberg

This class focuses on ceramic processes that play with visual styles of mash-up and invention, translating real world objects and creative ideas into clay-built forms. The emphasis is on learning ceramic hand-building techniques from coil building to slab construction through two main projects with supplemental demos and instruction. In a process that is equal parts creation and discovery, students will create unique and vivid sculptures based on anything from their favorite characters to abstract shapes in this fun and instructive class.

Alternative Printmaking ProcessesMatt Smith Chávez-Delgado

Ditch the press! Printmaking has long been a tool to get your voice out there, from Goya to graffiti artists. We will explore DIY methods of printmaking using materials and objects you can find in your home. Learn woodcut, linocut, monotype, screen printing, and photo transfer processes to produce single prints as well as multiples (i.e posters) of vivid abstract and painterly compositions. Students will gain a basic understanding of printmaking processes without the need for any major equipment.

Darkroom Photo LabTamara Suarez Porras

This class is an introduction to black-and-white photography, with an investigation into alternative processes. Students will learn how to shoot and develop black-and-white film, and make prints in the darkroom using the Fort Mason campus and its sites as a subject and inspiration. The class will work with non-camera image-making techniques, including collage, cyanotypes and photograms. Students will also explore the history of photography and deepen their own photographic practice.

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Student Scholarship Opportunity

We are excited to offer two scholarships for students in need of financial aid for the summer of 2017. This aid is available regardless of artistic discipline and will fund one summer class per student. For information on how to apply, email or call 619.246.4597.

Deadline Extended: Tuesday, May 23, 2017 

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